Be the Light

It was with weighted hearts that many of us fell asleep last night. A blow to a belief system isn’t an easy pill to swallow. Many watched the results from the privacy of their homes, feeling the weight based on their own emotions, or through the blue lights of their computers and phones. Those of us who were out, I myself was at work, felt the energy shift. People ate faster wanting to run home, hoping when they got there they would find some solace, some escape. Others ran to midnight drinks to console each other and themselves. This morning I woke with the sunrise, which was beautiful. The sky over San Francisco was magical, east bay held blues, South San Francisco a sea of pink, over Alamo Square it was golden. Walking into the gym again the weight of reality, everyone’s heads were down, and as my yoga class began the murmurs of how did this happen settled and we all began to breath together. Laying in bed last night, and breathing among strangers whose hearts are thumping to the same melancholy wave length, I began to see the importance of all of this, and even the light.

Trump’s win, but more so our loss, and even more so the terrifying loss of over half the American population around us, is heartbreaking. To know that so many people harbor such hate and lack of understanding for the environment, each other, the world, common decency, and simple goodness is a breaking point. But this is when we learn. Most can attest to the fact that heartbreak is what makes us, from it we learn who we are, who we want to be, how the world works, and how we work within it. Today is not a day to keep our heads down and not make eye contact cause its too hard and too real seeing our pain reflected in stranger’s eyes. No. Today we must all stop and truly look at each other, and smile. We have to remind ourselves that we are here together, and that while other states and populations are celebrating a whirlwind of hate, a “white-lash,” we can still stretch out a handshake or share a smile that says, “I know me too, but together we are in fact stronger.” Why? Because from this we can learn just how much we all truly care about each other. While the other half may be spewing hate, we can show them love. We can reach out to each other in pain and build relationships.

This is no time to say “the world is going to end,” “the apocalypse is coming,” “I am moving to Canada!” No. This is when we learn that simply voting and believing is not enough. This is when we act. We stand up with the strangers among us, we raise each other up to remind ourselves that keeping our heads faced down and ignoring one another didnt work. How many times have we gotten upset or hurt a stranger by being so wrapped up in our own bullshit? How many times have you yelled at the man in the cross-walk, or the car in front of you? How many of us have spent hours on social media judging each other, or tearing someone else down to boost you up? How many of you have harbored hate for someone who dated your ex? This election brings all the hate and ignorance to our front door and we can no longer act like we dont participate, or pretend that we can ignore it.

I truly believe a Hillary win would have allowed so many complacent people to continue down that path. Had the election swung the other direction a massive sigh of relief would have spread like a wave over the scientific community, women, minorities, immigrants, higher education. Many would have let go, thinking “phew” that was close, and then continuing down the same path they always had. Instead we must face reality, we don’t get to exhale yet, it is still our time to climb that mountain and now more than ever we do it together.

As we knew and have learned through this atrocious process words are everything, they hurt, they dig, they incite, they strengthen. Do not use yours to facilitate an already broken and scared populace; do not go into work today saying the world is ending and how terrible this all is. We already know its bad, and by using our voices to continue to point that out, to the point of exaggeration is not only pointless but its holding us back. Instead, say hi to the check out person at the corner store you never talk to. In line waiting for coffee turn around and meet the stranger behind you. Use our pain to force us to extract and lessen the gaps between us. We have an uphill battle, get to know the soldiers around you because love and beauty, and goodness will prevail. It starts here, knowing that simply believing wasn’t enough. Leave your homes today and be the change. Spread the goodness that we know is among most of us. We will not teach or impart our wisdom and love on those who believe in Trump’s positions if we turn away from one another with our tails between our legs. Yes it is heartbreaking to know a great deal of this country is running on the fuel of anger and hate, but do not let that seep into you or anyone around you.

This election can teach us that just feeling like you are a good person, or believing in the common good isn’t enough. We must outstretch our hearts to one another, we must ACT the reality we want to see. Please today, send love to each other. Women stand up, walk tall because the future is still female. We are even more incited and inspired to stand up for our rights and each other. So many of the women around me didn’t want or even trust Hillary, many believe she ran on a platform of lies with the elite backing her, then good. Bye Hillary. Let’s make way for our generation of female leaders. We worry about the lessons our children will take from Trump, then today, more than ever when you get them up from bed and bring them to school you let them know they are loved, and that they and you, will change this. It is no time to let our kids see us scared or sad, it is the time to teach them the importance of acting when we know something is wrong, of being kind to EVERYONE they meet.

Sending out only positive and hopeful vibes. Be good to each other. Act. SPEAK UP. Our votes were not enough, we must  learn that hate is a reality here, and being quiet and complacent is not enough. Write that blog you always wanted to, share a poem with friends that you loved but perhaps you didn’t think would understand. Do not be afraid to show how beautifully different and strong we all are. Think your friends are tired of you bitching about global warming, water, and climate change? TOUGH shit. This is the time we become the people we always wanted to. Stand up, shout. Start activist groups. Read more about what bothers you. Learn. We have an uphill battle to rage, and we must come fully equipped with love and intelligence. Patience my loves, the horizon is out there, and it’s full of strong, beautiful, intelligent women, who are about to take what is ours.

One thought on “Be the Light”

  1. Brittany- you express my thoughts about the election so well! I did exactly what you prescribe here: I looked people in the eye. I smiled. We connected with that knowing look.

    I called my friend Pat (of Emma’s Revolution-check them out-you will love them). She is someone I see as already living pretty large. She had the same reaction I did-I have been living too small. I WILL write that blog-I will BE that strong, beautiful woman living LARGE with the face of Love & Light.

    I especially like how you point out the hate we have all had at some point. It’s a good point of our commonality with “the other.” Finding our common ground is a starting place to bringing us together more in this destructive climate we now find ourselves in.

    One of the most interesting articles I read prior to the election came from Huggington Post- Curious what you think.

    I am so glad our paths have crossed. I look forward to more growth with you.

    PS How do I share this? I am new to blogging.

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